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From Animation, Motion Graphics and Post-Production to Complete Film / video productions for TV and Web. Tailored to your needs.

Welcome to BazzMedia.

I am Bas Swelheim. An allround film- and motion graphics professional. I started my career at the Amsterdam TV station AT5. In Post-production. Doing edit – and Motion Graphics work on most of the featured tv programmes and commercials.   In 2006 I went freelance. Since then I’ve been working for almost all the major agencies and production houses in the Netherlands. Creating content for national tv as well as the internet. Meanwhile, I also discovered the camera and, as a film lover, I started producing film and video content. This made me an allround content creator, from concept to final product. BazzMedia.


Lately, I’m very interested in Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology. Every day I’m discovering new and interesting applications based on this technology and I’m very excited about what it’s going to bring in the future.

One of these applications I’m now using is Earn.com. It enables paid messaging. This enabled me to start a helpdesk service for fim and post-production. You can now ask me any kind of film, motion graphics or post-production related question for $1. You’ll only pay when you get a response!



With over 20 years of experience in Motion Graphics and Video Editing. This is one of my specialties. Whether it is a 2- or 3D animation or a corporate video edit… Behind the screen and keyboard I’m like a fish in the sea.


During the course of my career I started discovering the camera more and more. After following a photography course at the Academie voor Fotografie in Amsterdam, I started shooting my own stuff. Either as a DOP, hired by colleagues, or as a Camera / Director on my own projects.

Concept / Creation

Besides being hired by Ad agencies or Production houses  for specific Motion Graphics or Editing jobs, I also offer complete video productions. From start to finish. Working directly with the client, creating tailor made content from concept to final product.

Together with a group of very talented media professionals such as writers, directors, photographers, stylists etc.  I can now handle any job thinkable. During the last decade We’ve been working on a wide variety of projects, ranging from Motion Graphics and Animation projects to Corporate Movies, Event trailers and Music videos. Please take a look at my portfolio for a showcase of our work.