Together with design agency Thonik, the Amsterdam Municipality created a ‘stick figure’ -like character to use in their communications called Adam. At first he was used solely in print and still-imaging on websites and abri’s across town. The’ve asked me to bring him to life and create a series of animations around him. Used for internal- as well as external communication.

Amsterdam Informeert

Featured on the local Amsterdam TV station AT5, I’ve created this Leader and graphics for the daily informative program by the Amsterdam Municipality.
The program is to inform the citizens of Amsterdam about different topics concerning the city.

Naar de Brugklas

Because of the growing population,  Amsterdam always copes with a lack of places in High School. Most of the popular schools don’t have the capacity to fit every applicant. This is why there’s a lottery system. To make the system as honest as possible there are a lot of rules involved. To explain these rules and the procedure to follow while applying for a new school, the Amsterdam Municipality asked us to create this animation. The video was featured on the Amsterdam Municipalities public website and was referenced in the public school guide.

Dienst Financiële Administratie

The financial department of the Amsterdam municipality is undergoing a change in it’s organisation. Instead of having 44 different departments in all the regions they switch to 1 centralised department. To communicate this massive change the’ve asked me to create this animation.