Since November 2019 I’ve been working parttime for consultancy agency Magnus. They specialise in digital transformation projects. From consultancy to realisation. I joined the marketing team to help create a video-first marketing strategy. I produce videos for internal as well as for external communication. Projects I’ve done vary from short social videos to client cases and mini documentaries.

Corporate teaser

Magnus consists of five different sub-brands. Magnus-red, blue, green, black and orange. Each brand has its own field of expertise; Digital transformation, Analytics, Mendix / SAP, Energy transitions and OIL. An omnichannel retail solution. To communicate the different fields of expertise to potential new clients I created this teaser.


Each year, during the festive season, Magnus sends all its clients a giant “Speculaaspop”. A traditional dutch cookie, popular during Christmas time. We created this short docu to show the clients how they are made.