Zembla is a Dutch television documentary programme by Dutch broadcasting organisation BNN/VARA. The documentaries are based on in-depth research. The program often deals with controversial topics, leading to questions in the political chambers.


For the past years i’ve been working for Zembla on a regular basis. Creating motion graphics and animations to support their stories. Topics I’ve worked on vary from international tax fraude to Dutch governmental maladministrations and even The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump.

De Hitteslachtoffers van defentie

The latest project i’ve worked on was ‘De hitteslachtoffers van defentie’. A Story by Roelof Bosma addressing the many heath-related incidents that occur during training sessions at the Dutch military.

For this project I created several 3D animations to reconstruct the events that took place.

De witwasbankiers van ING

Another project I worked on was “De witwasbankiers van ING”. In this story, investigative journalist Sander Rietveld uncovers a big money laundry scheme at the Dutch ING bank. People involved in the scandal ran all the way up to the board of directors.

For this project I created motion graphics in the style of a CIA-like pinboard. Outlining the different people and companies involved and their roles and relations to each other.