Because of their focus on individual qualities and potentials and their small group sizes, Winford is able to give every student the personal attention he or she needs. Especially when they need to combine their eduction with an extensive training or practice schedule. Ellen Hoog, a former Dutch hockey international, and Winford alumni, meets up with a few of the Winford students from today.

Bien, Quinten en Emil

Ellen talks to three Winford students about combining their musical careers with school.

Kirsten and Jens

In this episode Ellen holds a racket instead of a stick, for a change.  She gets some tennis lessons from Kirsten and Jens. Two Winford students who are also playing tennis at the highest level. After the ‘master class ‘  Ellen talks to them about combining school with an extensive training program, needed for their tennis careers.


Ellen visits Noor de Baat. An upcoming hockey talent, also knows as “the new Ellen Hoog”.

Healthy lunch

Ellen visits the school during lunchtime. She sits down with three Winford students and talks about their eating habits while preparing a healthy meal.