Astrid Joosten, a Dutch TV celebrity with a passion for wine and a degree in oenology, teamed up with Therese Boer, sommelier from the Dutch Michelin star restaurant “De Librije”.
After writing a book about wine together,  they decided to start a website selling their favourites.
For every bottle they have in stock I created a short video in which Astrid and Therese explain something about the wine. While Astrid speaks mainly about the origin, grapes and techniques used, Therese explains a little bit more about the taste and accompanying foods.

These videos are a good example of a one-man production as they involve all my different skills.
For this job I did the camera, lighting and directing as well as the editing and some graphics / animation for the logo, all on my own!

  • Client:
  • Directed by: Bas Swelheim
  • DOP: Bas Swelheim
  • Editing: Bas Swelheim
  • Post-Production: Bas Swelheim