A movie with many layers

As every Sunday, Maria and her family have dinner at her mother in law. At first, everything seems as normal and boring as ever. But that’ll soon change. Mama’s pasta will never taste the same again!

This short movie was written and directed by Zoe d’Amaro. A very talented Italian filmmaker, living in Amsterdam. The cinematography was done by Fabrizio Rizzolo and the film was produced by Picture Show S.r.l. Besides the sound editor, Larry Burns and yours truly, the entire cast and crew were Italian. The film was shot on location in Calabria, Italy.

After the seven-day shoot, Zoe brought the reels back to Amsterdam and came to us for the editing and post-production. As my Italian isn’t very good, it was quite a challenge at first to edit a dialogue I didn’t understand. But, after going over the lines with Zoe a couple of times , I could edit the movie just the same as when it would’ve been in English or Dutch. And I learned some Italian along the way!